Client Testimonials And Reviews of
Screenplay Proofreading And Notes From Bill Donovan

First, Unsolicited Testimonials:

“Bill Donovan is, in my opinion, the very best as what he does. Not only will you receive superb proofing notes on your script but you’ll also get excellent notes about the contents and pitfalls of your work from a very insightful insider that gives it to you straight. Together he offers an invaluable service and I know I’ll never send a script out again without going through Bill first!” — Rick Mowat, writer/director

“When I wrote this script, I never intended to do anything with it. I just thought it was a funny original idea. But my friend Howard, who is a retired producer for Paramount, convinced me to post it on InkTip. Within the week of posting, I was contacted by a producer from Rumayan Pictures based in N. Carolina who wanted to read it. Before sending it to them, I figured I would have a professional script doctor (you) go though it and pick up the flaws and fix other problems.  “So I fixed up most of the problems you pointed out as well as some re-writes, and sent the script to the producer. “They bought it!! My attorney brokered a low six-figure deal that gives them full rights to the script and all sequels and re-writes.  “So feel free to use me as testimonial for your service.  “Thanks.”   –Jeff Madsen

“As a seasoned writer, I never thought I’d need a professional edit, but Donovan uncovered more than a hundred errors in presentation and substance, and now, I wouldn’t submit a draft to an editor, agent or producer without his finishing touches.”  –– Peter Steinberg, author of 7 books, and screenwriter

“Searching for a proofreader on the net is relatively easy. However, putting your faith in one is altogether a different kind of headache. I‘m a screenwriter, and it never ceases to amaze me, the number of errors I find in my scripts after they have undergone professional proofreading. It doesn’t matter, the errors seem to mystically grow back overnight. I thought the answer was to just pay a few proofreaders to do the job and pray it gets done thoroughly. And then, I received, probably, one of the most valuable emails I have ever gotten. It was from Bill Donovan, a professional proofreader, whose advertisement just said everything I ever wanted to hear about cleaning up a screenplay.

“So I sent him one, then two, then three and received, not only, the most meticulous proofreads imaginable, eradicating all misspellings, punctuation mistakes and grammatical blunders, but his generous notes regarding problems with plot, structure and research, turned out to be more valuable than a three-day seminar I took by one of the most revered screenwriting teachers in the world. Since then, with Bill’s service, my scripts are excelling in the same contests that I couldn’t make the first rounds in before.

“It’s hard to take constructive feedback when you think you know what you’re doing. But until you’re writing for a living, the fastest way to kill your chances with decision makers taking your work seriously is your own stubbornness to improve your writing ability by listening to another unbiased, perceptive voice, other than your own. For me, that’s Bill!”   Howard Fridkin

Testimonials In Client Surveys

In a recent survey, in which clients had the option to respond anonymously, they were asked to rate my service on a scale of 1 to 10 on this question:

“How likely is it that you would recommend my proofreading service to a friend or colleague?”

The average of all scores on this question was 9.4.

Client Comments:

Very professional. Quality analysis. Honest feedback. Personable service. Thorough evaluation. — W. A. Carter

Quick response and turn around. Several versions of the document in FDX format. Very helpful notes were a great extra! – Lizbett Perez

What I like best about your service is its structure, speed, and honesty. – Name withheld.

Great advice – valuable insight and some excellent motivation. Not only helped the look of the screenplay, but inspired confidence. — Name withheld by request

It was fast, affordable and thorough. — Name withheld by request

The proofreading was educational and extremely valuable in helping me make my screenplays as professional as possible. Your input gave me the confidence to present my work to industry producers with the knowledge I was giving them the best possible script without the distractions of spelling, punctuation and formatting errors. I found the notes to be spot-on with regard to where I needed work with specifics and suggestions. I also appreciated the positive comments on what you liked about the screenplay. Your professionalism and expertise came through in friendly and personable manner. You also exceeded my expectations with a speedy return. — Bill Johnston

Your notes about my script were direct and to the point without holding back, not caring about hurting feelings*. Very professional.  — Steven H. Kugel, author and screenwriter

Gave rationale behind the formatting changes. Went the extra mile in commenting on the script’s strengths and weaknesses. — Name withheld by request

Apart from the excellent proof reading, I liked that I was communicating with a “real” person on the other end. i. e. We developed a personal rapport over the course of several emails so it felt more than limited to a straight business transaction. This was also apparent in that you went beyond the service I had paid for. — Name withheld by request

Fast turnaround, professional, direct contact…. Great experience! — Claudine Liss

I want to thank you for the excellent proofreading and notes services you rendered on my romantic comedy. You made my day! While I am always appreciative of the way you “clean up” my work, I am even more indebted than ever with your current effort. It’s no small wonder that, today, I’m thinking, “Bill Donovan is a saint! I am convinced that my writing has improved because I studied your notes from my previous submission and made them part of my overall approach. Moreover, I value your direct and clear explanations as well as the “in my corner” feeling I get when reading your critiques and suggestions. I beg you to never hesitate to “tell it like it is” with my work. You have given me plenty to consider on this one! ” – James Coate

Attention to detail was what I needed. As soon as I complete my next script, I plan to submit to Bill — ASAP! — Name withheld by request

Proofreading was detailed and great value for money — Name withheld by request

I like the professionalism, timely and friendly communication. I love the notes, I found them very valuable as well as proofreading. Konstantin Selivanov

Very thorough with detailed notes and fixes. This is the best service I have ever paid for to date. There is no downside to Bill’s service. – Cecil E. Davis, Jr.

The notes on “specific story guidelines I look for.” I appreciate the information that you added to the notes. Much of what I read was more info that I have learned in the last 3 years. – Larry Thomas

As a would-be screenwriter I have had to glean my knowledge about the craft from internet searches. The fact that you offer your lifetime of experience (both from within and beyond the industry) for an affordable fee is a gift. You went far above and beyond what I expected from your service. Thank you. – Jane Sinclair

Reply to asterisk:

* Well, actually I do care about hurting feelings. Very much. I try to critique gently, and I put this statement at the top of every set of my notes:

“I strongly hope not to hurt your feelings with my comments. I believe that my job is to do my best to help you make your screenplay the best it can be. So I have to be honest about what I read. To the extent that you find my comments on your story to be wrong-headed, pointless, or insensitive, you are hereby counseled and, with regret for any hurt feelings, encouraged to ignore them.”

However, if I’m going to be of any help to you, I do have to write what I think is true. We writers are sensitive people when it comes to our creations, and at times, no matter how it is stated, a critique can feel harsh. I certainly don’t want to discourage anyone who takes the time to write a screenplay and seek help improving it.  — Bill Donovan