Is this what a producer looks like to you?         


This is what a writer looks like to them when

the script is full of typos, misspellings,

grammar mistakes, and basic formatting errors.


Industry Comments On Typos, Spelling,
Grammar, and Screenplay Formatting

Why do screenwriters need proofreading?  Two reasons.  One is that most of us are careless proofreaders with our own work, or we might not get the screenplay format quite right.  The other?  Well, see this sampling of industry comments:

Hollywood Production Executive:
Spelling and/or grammatical errors. If you can’t be bothered to proofread your script properly, why should I (or anyone else) be bothered to read it? Also, if you can’t spell or understand grammar, then perhaps writing isn’t for you.”

“Not proofreading … a manuscript full of typos will end up in the trash. It’s difficult to recognize a good story hidden underneath a bunch of typos and misspelled words.”

Screenplay Contest Judge:
“It’s CRITICAL that all work be proofread several times as mistakes are often missed.”

“Too many of the scripts I read are poorly formatted and seem to have been submitted to me with minimal proofreading. Without making these simple fixes, I have a hard time really looking at the actual content.”

Actress, producer, writer:
“PLEASE know the difference between your and you’re!”

Reader for Producer/Studio/Agent:
“Sometimes, just reading the cover letter, you know whether someone can write or not.”

Screenplay Contest Judge:
“One of the worst mistakes I’ve seen recently: writers entering contests before they even have a grasp of basic mechanics like grammar, sentence structure, or standard screenplay formatting.”

Screenwriting Teacher And Reader For Producers:
“Started reading a feature screenplay.  There were so many typos, etc. on the first page, I decided to keep a count.  When I reached “FADE OUT” the total was over five hundred!  Reading the thing was so excruciating that I nearly quit being a reader.”

Producer/Production Executive:
“Aspiring screenwriters need to be amiable and have excellent language skills (specifically for screenwriting). Without these qualities, I wouldn’t feel inclined to work with them.”

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