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The email list is buyers of screenwriting products and services up to $500 per purchase and writers who have signed up to learn or 805-212-0652 about products and services for screenwriters. The fact that the email list is buyers and writers who express a need for screenwriting products and services makes all the difference in the effectiveness of a list for your purposes.

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Bill Donovan

Need Help Creating an Email Blast?

FREE CONVERSION SERVICES: Don’t let technical hurdles get in your way. If you write your own e-blast content in any format (plain text, HTML, a Microsoft Word or WordPerfect file) and have your images, we can assemble it into a blast and send you as many tests as needed to get it right, at no charge — and if you ask, we will give you a suggested subject line.

FREE CONSULTATION ON YOUR SUBJECT LINE: At your request, I’ll suggest improvements to your subject line based on my 20 years’ experience sending marketing emails (Yes, I actually began email marketing ‘way back in 1997.)

NEED SOMEONE TO WRITE A BLAST FROM SCRATCH?   I can help you overcome one of the biggest hurdles of email advertising — creating a great blast that “sells the sizzle, not just the steak.” I have created hundreds of email and direct mail campaigns, generating millions of dollars in sales. I can write and create your blast campaign from scratch for a low $40/hour.

Once again, for more information or when you’re ready to schedule an email blast and see results in 24 hours, contact me: or call me at 805-212-0652.