More Industry Comments On Typos, Spelling,
Grammar, and Basic Formatting

Actress, producer, writer:
“PLEASE know the difference between your and you're!"

Reader for Producer/Studio/Agent:
"Sometimes, just reading the cover letter, you know whether someone can write or not."

Screenplay Contest Judge:
"One of the worst mistakes I've seen recently: writers entering contests before they even have a grasp of basic mechanics like grammar, sentence structure, or standard screenplay formatting."

Screenwriting Teacher And Reader For Producers:
"Started reading a feature screenplay.  There were so many typos, etc. on the first page, I decided to keep a count.  When I reached "FADE OUT" the total was over five hundred!  Reading the thing was so excruciating that I nearly quit being a reader."

Producer/Production Executive:
"Aspiring screenwriters need to be amiable and have excellent language skills (specifically for screenwriting). Without these qualities, I wouldn't feel inclined to work with them."
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